How Does Shakeology Measure Up After 20 Days?

Most Shakeology reviews will tell you the basics for example, how Shakeology tastes, what is the Shakeology ingredient list, and does Shakeology work?

Those are a few of the Shakeology review topics you may find. But when do you get to see a real-life, play-by-play, as someone literally goes from 1-4 cups of coffee a day to absolutely none and replacing this addiction with something as good as Shakeology?!?

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That’s right, this guy has reached a milestone at this point. If you missed the previous Shakeology reviews make sure to check out the previous posts on this blog. This update is nearly 20-21 days into the raw review and you can’t miss this motivational update.

To make it easy for your to navigate this journey you can click the links below to go forward or backward in each update:

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  1. Just got my shakeology today and absolutely love it! Hard to believe it’s a health drink.

  2. I have used Shakeology every morning for over 7 months, normally 1 hour after workout and recovery drink. I believe this product provides my body with the nutrients it needs to kickstart my day and leave me feeling great. I have tried a variety of recipes, and they all point back to one thing, Shakeology tastes great!

  3. I love Shakeology! My favorite is the chocolate. I drink it everyday for breakfast and it’s great. I make mine pretty thick, I like it like a smoothie. Yummy!

  4. Derrick Leasure

    Hi Jason. Great video – as always! I am a huge advocate for Shakeology. I can tell you from the perspective of a registered nurse that this product is the best thing I have found for sale that someone can put into their body. I do not make that statement lightly. The fact that the Glycemic Index number for Shakeology is 24 speaks volumes. What a great way to put natural, whole-food nutrition into your body while also regulating your blood sugar levels. This isn’t merely some product that is put on the market to make money. This can be a life-changing product for many people, and at $4.00 per day retail. Are you kidding me? I’d like to see someone try to purchase a meal that provides all of these nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics while remaining caffeine free and gluten free with 1 gram of fat and 140 calories per serving. All of this plus more for only $4.00! How in the world is this even possible? All I can say is that this is amazing stuff and to top it off, it even tastes great!!

  5. I love, love, love Shakology! Nice video, Jason :)

  6. Jason- I know this video is from a year ago- but your points made on goal setting, working out and nutrition are always relevant.

    Everyone can change their lives in a small way or big way if they would only set their sites on a goal and strive to accomplish it. Even if you don’t hit your goal head on 100% and you fall 90% or even 70% shy of your goal- you still did it, you accomplished something.

    There is one thing that can never be compromised on and that is health. Starting with Proper nutrition, and a workout schedule will help assure your healthy lifestyle.

    I know people complain about spending a couple dollars a day on nutrition, but then go out and spend 10 times that amount on alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and junk food.

    Your point is well made and should be easy for people to grasp- goal number one stop drinking coffee- goal number two spend your coffee money on nutrition.

  7. Great video. I am sitting here drinking my coffee as I listened to you. :-) good points about setting goals. I use to love drinking Shakeology. It is a great product. Unfortunately Crohn’s disease ended my Shakeology use. One ingredient that is great for normally healthy people is not so great for me. I have tried to find a comparable product that I could use, but so far, fail. I recommend it to all my friends looking for something to help them lose weight & feel great.

  8. Shakeology is awesome! I waited a while before trying it, but I wish I bought it earlier. I drink it every morning for breakfast. I don’t like eating vegetables and Shakeology gives me tons of nutrients!


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