Can Shakeology Help Me Sleep Better?

Out of all the Shakeology Reviews on the internet this play-by-play will tell you whether or not Shakeology can replace a coffee addiction, cold-turkey! Check out this latest Day 11 update.

Ever notice you are having a hard time falling asleep and can’t wake up without that coffee? This guy had that problem day in and day out before this Shakeology challenge. Wait until you hear what he says now that he is 11 days into using Shakeology without any source of coffee or caffeine.

But first it’s important to talk about “when” you should consume Shakeology in the day. Is there a specific time or a specific meal that is best to get optimal results with Shakeology? The answer to that is, “not really”. This guy usually makes his Shakeology to start in the morning but that is not the only time that works.

To make it easy for your to navigate this journey you can click the links below to go forward or backward in each update:

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Sometimes a shake for lunch or a snack in between meals is just as good. What’s important it that your body gets one Shakeology shake a day but “when” doesn’t matter as much.

Check out what he says now 11 days cold turkey on coffee with Shakeology.

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  1. Shakeology is packed with nutrients, so why not start the day off right with such an awesome treat!

  2. That’s a great result! Caffeine is definitely a strong stimulant and kicking it out of your diet is huge! Congrats!

  3. I usually had my Shakeology for lunch. Just a personal preference as I like a nice hot breakfast. I find I make it through the day better with a big breakfast.

  4. Shakeology every morning for breakfast for me….I have to agree that the time of day doesn’t matter, it is just the fact that you are getting one everyday!

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