Cold Turkey On Coffee For 30-Days! (Day 1)

Out of all the Shakeology reviews this is the most unique, raw, and shocking you will ever see! Can someone really go from 1-4 cups of coffee a day to ONLY Shakeology once a day?

This Shakeology review is set at 30-days and there is no “weening” or trial period, it’s all or nothing! Can he do it? What will happen? Will Shakeology win over coffee or will he crack and run back to his addiction to coffee!?

The great news it this! He is going to video blog as he goes and share his Shakeology challenge results as the days pass by. If you drink coffee then you know this is NOT easy; going from 1-4 cups of espresso strength coffee EVERY SINGLE DAY to absolutely NO coffee and ONLY Shakeology.

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Here is Day One

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