Is Shakeology Better Than A Latte?

The first 2 weeks of this Shakeology review are expected to be the hardest. It’s on thing to ween off coffee and take slow steps to incorporate Shakeology but this guy wanted to prove something, “can Shakeology give enough naturally energies and support his caffeine cravings?”.

Actually, that brings up a great question sometimes asked,  “Does Shakeology contain caffeine?“. The answer is this, while it does contain green tea extract this has been de-caffeinated and so Shakeology does not contain caffeine. So that brings up another question, “Can someone REALLY just drop 1-4 cups of coffee a day and replace it with Shakeology but STILL get through the day?“.

To make it easy for your to navigate this journey you can click the links below to go forward or backward in each update:

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Check out this Shakeology Reviews Day 9 and find out what he says

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One thing you really need to know about Shakeology is this, you can mix it up, add variety, and customize it to a flavor you really enjoy. While the directions say “Add 1 scoop to 8 Fluid oz of water” that doesn’t mean you can’t add Milk (Also almond or rice milk), peanut butter, extracts, and other flavorful concoctions. Check out these Shakeology Recipes for more ideas!


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  1. Yes, had my shakeology this morning with banana and peanut butter. It was so yummy! I didn’t even want my morning coffee after that!

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