How Shakeology Is Working After 4 Days

It’s been 4-days in the¬† “No Coffee” Shakeology reviews¬† where this guy has gone from drinking 1-4 cups of espresso strength coffee, every single day, to absolutely NO COFFEE to provide the most comprehensive of Shakeology Reviews you will ever see.

Why would someone do something so crazy?

It’s simple really; he knows the only way to prove this stuff really works is to remove all external stimulants like caffeine and sugar from his massive amounts of coffee. Check out and see if he is holding strong or caving in 4-days later…

To make it easy for your to navigate this journey you can click the links below to go forward or backward in each update:

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Check out his day 4 video blog update

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  1. I’ve been using for 4 days and I get ill when I drink my coffee. Is that normal? I drink Shakeology in the evening.

    • shakeyournutrition

      Hey Sharon, congrats on getting started with Shakeology! Every body is a little different so it’s hard to say. It may be worth while to ask your doctor. Shakeology does not contain caffeine but there are natural energy supplements like B vitamins. It’s recommended that you cut back the coffee. Personally, I found I could go absolutely cold turkey on coffee while drinking 1 shake a day. I didn’t get the energy rush like I would from caffeine but instead I would have a sustained balanced energy throughout the day.

  2. I have using shakeology for a week now and I don’t even want my coffee after shakeology. :)


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