Shakeology Home Direct is designed with you in mind as a set it and forget it way of making sure you get your Shakeology order each and every month. If there is one negative thing about Shakeology it would be forgetting to place your order and running out! With Home Direct you no longer have to worry about taking a break from your busy life to order Shakeology every month. Now with HD it’s coming to you automatically and all you have to do is mix it, drink it, and enjoy all the benefits!

Along with the fact that you will automatically have a new shipment arrive at your door step every month without worrying, there are also some extra perks and benefits that come along with ordering Shakeology on Home Direct.


Shakeology Home Direct – Why Is This The Best Solution?


If you haven’t tried Shakeology yet you don’t know what your body is missing. Shakeology is truly in a class of it’s own providing your body with the absolute best nutrition available in a meal replacement shake which makes your life much easier! If you have trouble getting 3-6 full servings of veggies a day then even better, Shakeology will offer you the ultimate solution.

Combining a great source of protein, pre-biotics, pro-biotics, and phytonutrients Shakeology has been known to help users have reduced food cravings, higher and more sustained energy levels, not to mention weight loss and weight management.


Free Shakeology Home Direct Bonuses


Get tired of paying shipping fee’s? Shakeology Home Direct offers lifetime FREE basic delivery so you don’t have to add extra costs while investing in high quality nutrition. 2 additional perks for ordering auto ship is that you will receive the bonus Shakeology Workout DVD’s, one 30 minutes and one 50 minutes. These workouts are easy enough for anyone starting out to use them but challenging enough to make even a fitness enthusiast sweat.

You also receive the Shakeology Book which goes in depth and describes more about this nutrient dense super food shake. So now you will know more about the individual ingredients and why you will benefit so much from Shakeology.

Finally, on your second order with the Home Direct option you will receive a free Shakeology shaker cup which makes it convenient and easy to take on the go! Unless you plan only to super charge your nutrition for 1 month with Shakeology, Home Direct is the absolute best option.

Shakeology HD Bonuses

Even on Shakeology HD you still have the industry shaking “bottom of the bag” 30-day money back guarantee and no hassle of canceling if you decide it’s just not for you. The Beachbody customer service is not there to hassle or sell you while you are trying to cancel. They are there only to assist you with your needs and to fulfill your requests.


How to start your Shakeology Home Direct Order Today


  • Step 1. Click to visit the official Team Beachbody Store (will open in a new window)
  • Step 2. You will see a drop down to select your Shakeology flavor choice (chocolate is recommended for first timers)
  • Step 3. A new drop down will appear to select packets or the 30 serving bulk bag (the bulk bag is your best value)
  • Step 4. A new and final menu will appear where you can select Home Direct or a one-time order
  • Step 5.  Click “Add to Cart” and follow the steps to create your free Team Beachbody Account and finalize your order and that’s it! You’ll have Shakeology delivered within the next week!