While the cost of Shakeology can easily seem over-priced or if anything, hard for the average consumer to budget for, there are a few things that need to be looked at. As promised in the title you will also learn how to reduce the cost of Shakeology.

As you may or may not know, Shakeology is derived of 70+ natural ingredients harvested from every corner of the planet. Actually, cost comparisons have been done before showing what it would take in raw fruits, veggies, and vitamins to equal the nutritional value of one Shakeology shake. This really puts it into perspective.

The best way to help you over-come the cost of Shakeology is to share a real-life comparison. Maybe you drink coffee and often buy from those fancy coffee shops? You know the usual cost is no less than $4 per cup. Also, maybe you do not drink coffee but you enjoy fast food now and again; your cost there is well over $4 a meal including soft drink, fries, and your burger.

The cost of Shakeology is actually no more per serving than those options you wish to replace in your diet to achieve your desired health and weight loss.

At the regular cost of Shakeology ($119.95) which comes in 30-servings, that breaks down to $4 per shake!

Of course, as promised you really want to know how to save 25% on each order, reducing your monthly cost to only $89.96 which breaks down to only $3 per shake.  Find all the details as to how you can reduce the cost of Shakeology when you order today!


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