The cost of Shakeology can be hard for some to look past; even with all the top-notch ingredients that make it what it is. If this is a hurdle for you then you will be pleasantly surprised with what you are about to read!

Take note: This is absolutely worth your time. This may or may not be for you. End result, this will cost a couple minutes and may potentially open up a new door for you, or if anything, help you reduce the cost of Shakeology each and every month by 25%.

Shakeology is produced and sold by Beachbody as you may know. What you may not know is that Beachbody has a team of independent distributors that promote and sell their product. These distributors are known as “Independent Beachbody Coaches” and earn commissions from these sales.

How does this affect you? Well, not really in anyway. Shakeology costs no more to you as the commissions are paid from Beachbody to the distributor.


What’s the point of sharing this information?


It’s simple, this leads to how you can save 25% off your purchase today. Keep reading because this gets very interesting and you don’t want to miss this information.

You definitely want to toss this idea around in your head as anyone and everyone out there is looking for a way to create an extra side income. No this is not a promise you will create an income but the possibility is here.

You’ll see exactly how as you read more.

As a Shakeology distributor you will receive a 25% discount on your Shakeology Home Direct orders each and every month.


What’s does this mean for you?


Shakeology normally costs $119.95 + Tax + Shipping (Free basic shipping on home direct auto ship orders). If becoming a distributor is not for you then that is your cost today and every month. It’s still worth it but why not save a little more?


Check this out because this is where it gets really good.


Shakeology distributors pay only $89.96 + Tax + Shipping (Free basic shipping on home direct auto ship orders).

Just two more very important things you need to know.

Becoming a Shakeology distributor is very easy and is something you can run from the comfort of your own home. The idea is, as you use Shakeology and get results, people will ask you. The big picture is this. As a distributor you earn that 25% when you recommend Shakeology to others and they buy through you. It’s very simple.

So basically you will earn roughly $29 every time someone buys Shakeology from you which will be paid to you on Thursday directly to your bank account or through check.


Let’s cover all the bases.


Becoming a Shakeology distributor is a business and so there is an investment to get started. However, before you leave thinking it’s going to be hundreds of dollars, stick around and check this out, it will be very worth your time.

To start as a Shakeology distributor the cost is only $39.95 to start the first month and then becomes $15.00 a month each month after. Why each month?

You will get a company site already setup and ready to go where you can send your customers to buy from you. Here is an example of what your site will look like

You also will have a fully functional Team Beachbody Store where your customers can browse the entire Beachbody fitness/ health catalog. If they buy, you earn that 25% commission. This may be something completely new to you but before you pass this up and just go buy Shakeology at regular price you need to see this costs analysis.


Regular Customer

Let’s say you order Shakeology today as a regular customer on Home Direct with basic shipping so the shipping costs are free. The cost breakdown would look something like this:

$119.95 + Tax (This will vary on state) + Basic Shipping (Free on Home Direct)

Total = $119.95 Today


Shakeology Distributor

When you become a distributor today and order Shakeology on Home Direct the cost breakdown looks like this:

$89.96 + Tax (This will vary on state) + Basic Shipping (Free on Home Direct) + $39.95 Your Shakeology website and Team Beachbody Store

Total = $129.91 Today

Yup, it’s more this month but this is where the big change happens.

Your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Order Will Look Like This:

Regular customer

$119.95 + Tax (This will vary on state) + Basic Shipping (Free on Home Direct)

Total = $119.95


Shakeology Distributor

$89.96 + Tax (This will vary on state) + Basic Shipping (Free on Home Direct) + $14.95 monthly business cost

Total = $104.91

So it comes to this. If you are planning to use Shakeology for anymore than 1 month in your health/ nutrition then becoming a distributor is the only smart choice here. Even if you never sell Shakeology you will still be saving almost $15 a month as a distributor!

Click To Become A Shakeology Distributor And Save 25% Today

You don’t even have to sell a single Shakeology to anyone and you are still saving each month by having your 25% discount.

Look at it this way though. If you were to help 4 other people each month start using Shakeology for their health and weight loss just like you then you could actually cover your own cost.

4 x $29.00 commissions = $116 earned each month which makes Shakeology pay for itself! It’s the only smart choice if you planning to use Shakeology more than 1 month.

No matter what you do today you will still get a 30-day money back guarantee on both Shakeology and, if you see the big picture, your Shakeology Distributor business. Worse case scenario, it’s not for you and you return the Shakeology bag and cancel your business.

Click To Become A Shakeology Distributor And Save 25% Today