Shakeology is “nutrition simplified” and is loaded with 70+ ingredients that you can’t possibly get in any one meal! It would cost hundreds in the grocery store, specialty shops, and world travels just to have all these ingredients separately in your home!

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To be put in simple terms, Shakeology is a daily shake designed to help combine all kinds of different fruit and veggie vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, etc. in ONE DAILY SHAKE to help sooth digestion, increase absorption of nutrients, and help balance elimination.



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The Shakeology Studies


A 90-day independent study was held using Shakeology once a day in combination with a moderate exercise routine. The doctor analyzing the results found the following with participants of this study:

  • Total cholesterol of participants was lowered by up to 30% and their “bad” cholesterol dropped up to 38%
  • Oxidative stress (a risk factor for degenerative disease) was reduced upwards to 90%
  • Cardiovascular risks were reduced upwards to an average of 24%


What’s inside Shakeology?


  • You’ll find essential amino acids and protein to help reduce cravings and recharge the body
  • Enzymes and prebiotics to help assist your body with digestion, absorption, and regularity
  • Font line defense against degenerative disease with antioxidants and phytonutrients to aid in the reduction of “free radicals”
  • A daily supply of vitamins and minerals to help give your body what your main diet may lack


Where to Buy Shakeology


Often times people wonder, “where can I order Shakeology?”. The best place for you to order Shakeology is from the Official Team Beachbody store through an authorized Independent Beachbody Coach. Luckily for you this site is owned and operated by an Independent distributor! By clicking any of the links to buy Shakeology from this site will take you directly to the official Team Beachbody store.

There are several options available when ordering Shakeology which will be discussed briefly below.

You will have 2 options as far as ordering a 24-pack single serving box or a 30-day bulk bag supply. Both cost exactly the same and the best deal available for you is to order in bulk. If you travel a lot and are considering taking Shakeology while you travel then you will absolutely want the 24-pack single serving box.

You will also have the option of ordering either a single flavor box or a mixed flavor box which include 12 packets of Chocolate and 12 packets of Greenberry Shakeology. When ordering the bulk bag you will have the option of starting with Chocolate (highly recommended) or Greenberry. If you would like to try both flavors when opting for the bulk bag option you can select monthly alternating flavors on Home Direct.

Finally, you will have the option of either a single one-time order or you may opt in for Beachbody’s most popular auto-ship option Home Direct. When you buy Shakeology on Home Direct you will not have to worry about forgetting to place your order as you will be automatically billed every month and your new supply of highly potent nutrition will be on it’s way!


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